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Is God leading you to serve?

The nominating committee is moving to complete the final task for the 2019/2020 church years. This is a survey to identify those of  you who are interested and / or willing to serve in the church ministries for the 2020/2021 church years. We are asking you to call one of the committee members and advise of ministries in which you will be willing to serve. We will compose a list by ministry with the name and telephone number of those who the new committee can call to fill vacancies for the new years. By reviewing the areas to serve and reporting that to someone on our current committee, we can provide the list to the 2020/2021 nominating committee.

Committee Members
Jennifer Holmes (864) 415-5478
Terry Trantham (864) 590-9496
Randy Emory (864) 706-7766
Carroll Arrington (864) 415-6973
Kent Jackson (864) 381-9972
Gene Sewell (864) 706-1073

Please take time to review the list of ministries and seriously, prayerfully consider volunteering by providing your name and telephone number to one of the above committee members. You are not limited to one ministry. We encourage you to identify all ministries that you are interested in serving. We would like to receive all of your responses by May 31, 2020.

Thank you!
Nominating Committee