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May 2019

Posted by Ty Childers on

I pray all are doing well and breathing better as a result of the pollen dying down. I know so many have problems with allergies this time of the year, but I do believe it is going away  and I am just hoping it is. The Lord has been so good to us and I am sure you agree with me in saying that.

The Bible says in Nahum 1:7, The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble and He knoweth them that trust in Him. Say AMEN right there! May is upon us and there is a lot going on this month. The Ladies, Mother’s Day, Baby dedications, High School & College Graduations, on top of other responsibilities.

 Our Art of Parenting Class is going great and I know there are only a couple more weeks left before the class comes to an end.

It is a blessing to see some of the ways we can be even better parents, not only in the class, but taking it with us and practicing what we have been taught through the class. Spring has been yellow (ha-ha) but beautiful and now summer is coming on pretty quick. There are going to be opportunities to go places, go on vacation, and so many other things to do during the summer months. Now in saying all that, let’s do our best to be faithful to the Lord’s house and be in our place in Sunday school and worship.

Summers are always hot and I know we want to dress for comfort, but please let’s stay away from wearing shorts during worship services. We want folks to come and if someone comes in shorts, we will love them and let them know they are welcome here.

We never what anybody not to feel welcome at Fairview. But as we do our best to dress others will take note and realize that we can dress casually and still honor the Lord and His house. Thank you for understanding my heart concerning this matter.
Preacher Ty


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