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April 2019

Posted by Ty Childers on

I pray all are doing well and you are not being covered in pollen. It’s that time of year!! Trees, flowers, and bushes are blooming and as a result, our noses are running, eyes are watering, heads are hurting, and throats are scratchy.. BUT… besides all that, it’s going to be a wonderful month. April is such a blessed month and I know you know why.

As Christians, we should all be saying, I love the month of April because we celebrate what Jesus came to do: He came to die for our sins. I am so glad that not only did He died for our sins, He arose on the third day. He is alive, He is alive, Praise His Holy Name, He is Alive!! People say, How do you know He is alive? And I say that I know because He lives in my heart!! And God’s Word tells me so.

Don’t forget the Easter Sun Rise service at 7:00 AM on Easter Sunday morning. If you have never been to one, you need to come because it is a very special time of praise and worship. I am so thankful for the way the Art of Parenting Class is going. The attendance is outstanding and Lee is doing a wonderful job leading the class.

Don’t forget about baptism on Sunday night, April 7th. We need to be here and celebrate the salvation of these precious souls. I pray this month you will read the Gospels and let the Word of God refresh your hearts as we celebrate this wonderful time of year.
Matthew 28:1-20
Preacher Ty


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