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April 2017

Posted by Ty Childers on

It is spring time and warmth is filling the air. As Jan and I  stood at the door awaiting to shake hands as people were leaving this past Sunday morning, I looked out and saw an Azalea in full bloom. It was so beautiful. It was cloudy and rainy outside and to see that life in the midst of the circumstance of the weather really was a blessing.I want to encourage you to look at your newsletter, put it somewhere that you can see it or write down the dates OR maybe even put them in your phone (if you do this). The reason I am asking you to do this is so we can keep up with all that is going on here at the church. This  month, we celebrate Easter and we will be having a Sunrise Service at 7:00 AM. After this service, we will have biscuits, juice, and coffee, then, Sunday school and preaching. Also, on April 28-30 we will have Revival here  at Fairview. I hope and pray you can come and worship and see the Lord do great and mighty things for His glory, honor, and praise. Sunday school is growing and I  just want to say how much it blesses me to see our people work so hard and desire to see people come to church. Let’s continue to work and serve and stand  amazed at what the Lord does in our midst.

Preacher Ty.









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