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March 2019

Posted by Lee James on

What a busy time at Fairview! And we love it, I might add. I appreciate all our generous, faithful volunteers that make the ministry possible. Your service doesn’t go unnoticed. Matthew 6:21 reads, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. If you take a review of February and look forward to March, you can see where the heart of Fairview is located. By God’s grace, I can report, we put our treasure in efforts to reach the lost all around us. Are you involved?  Is your faith active? The old song says, In the harvest field now ripened, There’s a work for all to do; Hark! The voice of God is calling, To the Harvest calling you. 

So glad to remind you that the Art of Parenting class begins March  3rd at 5:30 pm. Due to the number of folks signed up, we will be  meeting in the Youth Room (opposite end of the hallway from the  small fellowship hall). I’m so energized by the number of parents signed up. Thanks be to God!

Snacks and drinks will be provided for adults each evening. Nursery and childcare will be provided each  session. A special thanks to Shannon Kiefel, Audrey Jackson, Cara Jackson, and many of our teenage ladies for making this service Possible. mentioned last month that the study will focus on the core issues that every parent and child need to address together.

Subjects include: 

the goal of parenting, forming character, applying discipline, building relationships, understanding identity, preparing for mission, and the power of family. I believe in this eight week study, our parents, including my wife and I, will be encouraged and challenged  by the content. Your struggles are not unique to you and your child. Your fears are not uncommon. Your concerns are not trivial either; children’s eternal souls must not be left to this world and its values to be guided. Church family, please be in prayer for the parents attending this study. Pray for our pastor as he leads our church through a provoking study of Daniel on Sunday nights. Please remember our youth in prayer as they participate in the North Spartan Association Merge Weekend (Discipleship Now or D-Now) Event later in March. We hope to see many teens come to Christ and many young hearts revived to joyfully live the abundant Christian life. 


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