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June 2019

Posted by Lee James on

I know everyone is excited about the beginning of summer! School is wrapping up and put students are anticipating the fresh free time to follow. Here at Fairview, our summer is full with GA, Acteen & RA camps, Teen Centrifuge Camp (Lifeway), our Mission Haiti trip, and VBS, to mention a few.

VBS begins the first Sunday night in June. The wait is over. Our volunteers are in place; everything is coming together for the greatest opportunity Fairview has to reach unchurched children and their families for 2 1/2 hours a night for 5 nights! Nothing else come close. Lifeway reported that 69% of American parents encourage their child to participate in a VBS event at a church they don’t attend if invited by one of their friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to invite the children in your life (school, athletics, etc.)! I want to encourage our great teachers to be ready to love and share with every child that enters our doors. Recently a mother of 5 stopped by the church office to register her children for VBS. She said, I saw the VBS sign and I have a desire for my children to learn about God. She showed interest in our adult VBS class as well. God is at work and I pray we faithfully seize this opportunity with His love, guidance, and victory.

So many young people have come to know the Lord because of the Gospel message presented during VBS. Kids are inspired to learn just what a missionary does and how God uses them to reach the lost people all over the world. “Those children are not just the future in the way the world often speaks of such things. They are the future in the sense that those who come to faith in Christ are joint-heirs with Christ and heirs of a new creation,
forever (Rom. 8:17). Vacation Bible School, then, at you church, is more important that and international summit of global political leaders or economists or technology entrepreneurs. The devil trembles at that. Jesus in the ultimate King of the cosmos, and He welcomes the little children to join Him. You ask me how I know that? I learned it in Vacation Bible School.” -
Russell Moore, President of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC
Lee James


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